Study information literacy


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  • Two papers were found for now:
    • Johnston, B., & Webber, S. (2003). Information literacy in higher education: A review and case study. Studies in Higher Education, v28 n3 p335-52 2003.
    • Schreiber, T., & Harbo, K. (2004). Information literacy and personal knowledge management. Paper presented at the Nord I&D, Knowledge and Change, 12th Nordic Conference on Information and Documentation, Aalborg, Denmark.
  • And PKM, this one

some thought:

  • information 到 knowledge 之間的定義並不明確。如果information是指「有意義的資料」,knowledge 是指「有用的資訊」,但是這個「有用與否」的評估標準並非客觀不變的
  • 需要回到PKM(personal knowledge management)的定義上