SCORM 2004 Photoshop Examples Version 1.0

SCORM 2004 中新增了Sequencing與Navigation的部分,也跟同學在進行SN的文件翻譯。
對於Sequencing到底可以做什麼?ADL 在2004三月31發表了一個”The SCORM 2004 Photoshop Examples
提供了課程設計者幾種編序策略(sequencing strategy)的範例,而且也有完整的imsmanifest.xml的描述。

The SCORM 2004 Photoshop Examples Version 1.0 are a set of Content
Aggregation Packages conformant to the SCORM 2004. They are intended for
use in the SCORM 2004 Sample Run-Time Environment Version 1.3. The
example packages illustrate SCORM Content Packaging. the Run-Time
Environment (Data Model and API), and several sequencing strategies. For
more details on these examples, refer to the documentation that describes each

* No Sequencing rules (不含編序規則)
* Linear (線性)
* Linear Controls (線性控制)
* Linear Choice (線性選項)
* Constrained Choice (受制性選項)
* Knowledge Paced (知識學習並測量)
* Knowledge Paced Reuse (知識學習並測量的再利用)
* Remediation (矯正)
* Competency Assessment (能力評量)